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Inaugural ARC West and Central Africa Collaborative for Nurses and Midwives

The inaugural summative conference of ARC West and Central African collaborative for nurses and midwives took place in Yaounde Cameroon from the 21-23 July 2015. Participants attended from Cote D’ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon. The participants from Cameroon included Joseph Nkwain, National President of Cameroon Nurses Association, Atchoumi Annie-Hortense, President of the National Association of Midwives of Cameroon, Catherine Arrey, Head of the Nurses and midwives Umbrella Union, Asumpta Kechia Sub director of  Health Human Resources for the ministry of health, Florence Zeh Kekanou, sub Director HIV/AIDS/TB/STI’S, Directorate of disease control. Other Cameroonian participants were from CDC Cameroon office and ICAP. Each country’s has been awarded grant funding for a project related to improving services linked to PMTCT option B+ and paediatric HIV care.

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